Our Grow

We see cannabis cultivation as a balance of art and science. The challenges of Quebec’s cold climate pushes us to innovate. That’s why our state-of-the-art, indoor growing facility allows us to create an optimal environment for our plants to flourish.

At 309 LAB, we believe that everything we do should be aligned with our mission to consistently produce some of the best quality cannabis available.

Cannabis culture


The innovation behind it all

With state-of-the-art technology, our vertically hydroponic integrated facility is the result of a long forward-thinking process. From the latest LED light design to the advanced monitoring and data collection system, our 3 indoor vertical growing rooms, allow us to grow plants to their fullest potential.


Our ahead-of-the-curve LED grow lights deliver unmatched efficiency, greater yield, substantial energy savings with a broad spectrum to address all growth phases. With high white content and high output, our grow lights are ideal for distributed lighting and improved photosynthesis to get the most light penetration into the canopy. It’s basically a replication of natural sunlight.

Vertical system

Our indoor modular racking systems maximize available space by increasing growing capacity and allowing up to 4 vertical tiers of plants to be cultivated.  With the added benefits of offering great ventilation and easy integration of hydroponic technology, the modularity and interchangeability of the shelves are also a big advantage.


Our hydroponic and Screen Of Green cultivation method takes advantage of our growing space, maximizes the use of resources and accelerates bud development and crop cycles for consistently high yields.


Our end-to-end tracking and management platform help us, through our different point of our grow, to monitor remotely, sensitive data and improves our operation efficiency. We take a thoughtful and considered method to data collection and analysis of our processes and results to tweak the variables and optimize the environment every day throughout the natural life cycle of the plants.



On top of a rigorous sanitation program, our integrated pest management is a proactive approach when it comes to combating potential bugs and pests. We do not believe in the use pesticides as they have been known to damage or alter the final product.

Giving the utmost respect to our plants
natural environment is the right thing to do.

– Curtis Phillips

integrated pest management



Compared to other companies in the industry, we are focused on natural methods
of cutting, drying and curing. Our meticulously thought-out facilities allow us to
produce cannabis in the most artisanal way possible in unfavorable climatic

Slow dried

Our cannabis is slow dried in a room where all the determining aspects of the climate are controlled. This relatively long step is crucial because it will help to accentuate the desired characteristics of our product. What we are looking for, more specifically, is to remove moisture from our buds in the best possible way, always with the aim of producing the highest quality cannabis.

Hand trimmed

For efficiency reasons, machine trimmers are becoming more popular in the
market but we believe that a hand cut is necessary for a high quality product.
Because each bud is unique, this method offers us greater cutting precision for a
visually more aesthetic result, and above all, greater potential of taste, aromas
and THC level.

Real cure

Curing is a long but necessary step; it affects the flavours and the quality. At 309
LAB, we developed a unique curing process in which our buds are treated with
the highest of care; patience being a key step.

And a whole lotta love